As a free gift to all those who did not receive there FUT14 starter packs, EA are giving away free gold packs to FUT14 users as a gift.

To collect your FREE GOLD PACK you will need to log in to the fields below.

After you have done this you will then be registered automatically for the GOLD PACKS.

Once the information has been sent, this transaction can take up to 24 hours to submit.

An e‐mail or a message will be sent to your xbox live account or hotmail account once you are able to collect your GOLD PACKS .

Once the transaction is complete you will be able to collect your FREE GOLD PACKS by visiting the Store on the Fifa 14 Ultimate Team Menu, once here you will recieve a message "There is one GOLD PACK Available to Open".


If there is any problems contact us via this email,

Thank you for your time,

EA Sports Team

FUT14 Free Gold Packs! 

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